For high growth companies And

Property Owners we offer

  • Business Advisory Services: we provide strategic, tactical and operational advice to improve company / property performance and increase shareholder value.
  • Direct Investment: we invest our own and other investors' capital in the companies and properties we sponsor.
  • Capital Raising Services: we help formulate and implement appropriate capital strategies for our client companies and property owners.

For Investors we offer

  • Vetted alternative asset private equity and CRE investment opportunities:  through special purpose entities (SPE's) we offer unique investment opportunities in our portfolio companies and properties to qualified investors.
  • Due Diligence Services: We offer extensive due diligence expertise to alternative asset investors that do not have an in-house due diligence capability. Our reports include the following areas of due diligence:
    • Issuer presentation materials
    • Company formation materials
    • Product and / or services review
    • Market analysis
    • Go to market strategies
    • Competition
    • Intelectual property / patent review
    • Site inspections of manufacturing and CRE properties
    • Review of capabilities production / leasing plans
    • Asset and bank verification
    • Financials reviewed
    • Management team and Advisor reviews including background checks